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Cat Cafe!!! and other stuff too

Tonight I visited a cat cafe in HK. To my surprise it was just down the block from our apartment. Hong Kong is a vertical city, every building has the potential to be it’s own miniature city. It’s quite difficult to discover new stores/restaurants/etc here b/c space is soo dense and there is already soo much advertising on street level it’s hard to spot signs or advertisments that aren’t ginormous or lit with hundreds of thousands of LEDs. The only reason why I found the cat cafe was randomly surfing through HK’s version of Yelp, openrice.com.

Here’s a banner in the cafe listing the different kitties residing there. 20140129_221109

Cat butt!


The cafe also featured very cutely decorated desserts! Cat themed, of course.

20140129_215310 20140129_220912

Visited a tailor this morning to get a custom suit and shirts made for my brother. He’s is going to look SHARP. For $200 HKD ($26 USD) you can have a CUSTOM shirt made. How cool is that??? Here’s the tiny little tailor shop…


At a different tailor shop, I’m hoping to get my favorite coat copied (the one I’ve worn holes into). I’ve already bought the fabric at one of the fabric vendors. It took some serious haggleing skills to get this fabric. Started off at $850 HKD/yard (PER YARD!?!?!) and my aunt haggled down to $1000 total for 3 yards :) During the haggleing process I got soo uncomfortable I had to step away while it was happening. Can’t wait to get my favorite coat reincarnated!

The other night I tried snake for the first time. Snake soup to be precise. The bowl came out with really lovely garnish - crispy fried bits, wispy dried herbs, and chrysanthemum flower petals. I hate to say this, but snake tastes like chicken. It really does.


Had laundry done and the result is contact dermatitis on 40% of my body. Wishing Taskrabbit was in HK so I could send someone to find a kiddie pool, many gallons of calamine lotion, and intravenous benedryl.

Tomorrow is lunar new years eve….I’ll post more about the prep and the flower festival next, but in the meantime I’ll leave this here….


Days 1, 2 and 3

Mall Fish

Oh boy, where do I start? It’s been 3 whole days and yet it feels like I’ve been here for much longer. My nervous system is hyper-stimulated by this city. As soon as I exit the apt building, my senses are bombarded - the brightly colored and lit store signs and advertisements all piled on top of each other, the huge amounts of people bustling about, the smells (at one moment delicious and the next, not delicious), the sounds of traffic and construction and people, the sensation of fighting through the roiling mass of pedestrians (I’m a salmon swimming up stream!), and risking getting hit by a taxi, bus, minibus, tram, etc every time I cross a street.  All this overloads my circuits and by dinner time I’m ready to fall asleep into my plate.

Highlights —

- Micheline starred CONGEE: I had the eel congee/jook and it was totally totally delicious


- Riding the trams, also known as “Ding Dings”. Guess what sound they make :) Super cheap (around 20 cents USD to ride) though a bit slow. They’re like the supermodel older sister of SF’s Muni trains, very very tall (they’re double deckers) and very very skinny (I’d estimate they’re just over 5 feet wide)


- Morning walks through Victoria Park. The weather in the morning is cool and crisp, it’s a perfect time for a post breakfast walk. The park is filled with senior citizens doing their exercise: tai chi, walking/jogging, calisthenics. Walking around the park, every so often I get a whiff of my favorite scent - osmunthus flowers. My version of heaven would smell like these teeny tiny white flowers. The best way I describe it is apricots dipped in the olfactory equivalent of MSG. On today’s walk I came across a friendly ginger kitty!

Victoria Park kitty!

14 hours on a plane

Yesterday I arrived in Hong Kong! This is my first visit back in almost 13 years. The flight over here was a doozy and no one on that plane was comfortable (aside from the first and biz class folks).

A few thoughts and observations….

- guy sitting in front immediately reclines his seat back, I immediately think “I hate you”
- who the heck designs an airplane meal which contains beans? BEANS?!?!? A sadist, that’s who.
- there were remarkably well behaved babies and small children on the flight, I wouldn’t have noticed them at all based on noise alone
- however, this was offset by the man sitting behind me sneezing and coughing up a lung. I was scared I was going to be placed in quarantine as soon as I disembarked the plane.
- Hour 4: gee that went really fast, I can totally handle this!
- Hour 10: ummm…..this flight is never ever going to end….never!
- Hour 13: delirious, just delirious

After landing we went straight to the apartment to drop off out luggage and then back out the door to go visit my grandma. It was such a sweet reunion. She’s a lot shorter than I remember :)

Mini Alien Abductions

  • me: maybe it was mini alien abductions
  • Netta: shut up!
  • me: oh noes! they took my stapler!!!
  • ahhhh!!!!
  • Netta: lol
  • whom?
  • me: nooo not my pink highlighter!
  • the mini aliens
  • Netta: oh!
  • lol
  • me: they're abducting my supplies
  • Netta: post its are next
  • watch out
  • me: if they ever are returned to me, they'll never be the same again
  • Netta: they'd be slimy
  • duh
  • me: the highlighter will be slightly less bright
  • Netta: and slimy
  • me: the stapler will staple just a little lefter than intended
  • Netta: and slimy
  • me: and the post-its, poor poor post-its wont have the will to stick anymore
  • Netta: and they'd be slimy

Solid table that you could dance on if the urge struck you.

—Found in the description of a dining table being sold on Craigslist. I’ve added this to my list of “must have” qualities for my future dining table. Don’t worry, I’ve got high ceilings.

BBC News: Did the discovery of cooking make us human?

To cook is human, to cook well is divine.

rock band + hard core nerdery = this video + delighted Lerming

'Uh-oh' does not necessarily indicate felonious intent.

—My favorite line from today. Regardless, the judge found the guy who tried to break into my house guilty. Hooray! Huzzah! Wunderbar!

I use "hella" 10^27 much

I love Ocean Beach. Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love Ocean Beach. Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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